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The Psycho Skills Pack is available today

PS3, Xbox 360, XBLA [ Capcom - Blue Castle Games ]
Dead Rising 2

From today, Dead Rising 2 owners can make defeating zombies even more gruesome by downloading the Psycho Skills Pack. Psycho Chuck will be a zombie’s worst nightmare as his dark alter ego will make him more difficult to kill and give him a host of gruesome weapons including chainsaws, cleavers, axes and more. Zombies won’t stand a chance.

The Psycho Skills Pack is available today, Tuesday October 12, on Xbox LIVE for 160MPs and from tomorrow, Wednesday October 13, on the European PlayStation Store for €1.99/£1.59.

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Titre : Dead Rising 2

Editeur : Capcom

Studio : Blue Castle Games

Plateformes : PS3, Xbox 360, XBLA

Date de sortie : 2010-09-24

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