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Demo Now Available, and Goes Gold

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Afterfall : InSanity

Nicolas Games SA and Intoxicate Studios are happy to announce that Afterfall: InSanity has gone gold, and will soon start going out to press! The production has lasted a whopping 583 days, run by an ambitious team of young creators and artists in Katowice, but the wait was definitely worth it. By going gold, the game will hit shelves as planned on November 25. Gamers can still place pre-orders for it, either for the standard edition or the special Collector's Edition.

We've got more good news as well. Players looking to get into Afterfall's post-apocalyptic world won't have to wait long, as a downloadable demo is now available. Players will have the chance to check out this dark, dreary world for the first time, teaming up with the main character, Albert Tokaj, as they visit sections of the second and ninth level in the game. It's a mere taste of the madness that's yet to come later this month.

In the first part of the demo, Albert will come face to face with diabolical creatures in a dark and claustrophobic shelter. In another part, you'll work your way through the sewers, eventually making your way to a deserted town, which provides a glimpse of just how war-torn the world really is. As shocking as the demo is, it only reveals part of the danger you'll face on Afterfall: InSanity. Not only will you have to conquer demons and infected humans, but also Albert's own delusions and fears.

Check out the demo here! And if you want further information or additional assets, visit the official website.

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Titre : Afterfall : InSanity

Editeur : Nicolas Games

Studio : Intoxicate Studios

Plateformes : PC, PC online

Date de sortie : à définir

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