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Nicolas Games proudly announces the Afterfall : InSanity Contest

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Afterfall : InSanity

Nicolas Games has a new surprise prepared for its Afterfall: InSanity fans. A new contest is providing an opportunity for you to win limited edition Afterfall gadgets, along with a Limited Edition of the InSanity game!

How can you participate? Simply click "Like" on Afterfall: InSanity's Facebook page and submit a photo that reminds you of a post-apocalyptic setting. Nicolas Games states that a trip to Chernobyl isn't necessary here - just a good look around at abandoned and dilapidated houses and factory buildings.

"There are many abandoned or destroyed places that perfectly reflect the atmosphere of post-apocalyptic. Many of them have already been discovered, others are still waiting for perpetuation. Photography also gives an opportunity to show the reality in a completely different way. We hope that through this contest you will get a little different look to your city and its surroundings," says Patrick Hamerlak, Marketing Director of Nicolas Games.

The first part of the contest runs through November 25th, giving you plenty of time to submit your photos. From then until December 5th, Afterfall: InSanity Facebook fans can vote for for best photo. Winners will be announced on December 6th.

Hidden InSanity of the shelter (Afterfall: InSanity)

Take a glimpse inside of the claustrophobic depths of the underground and see what will lead to the growing madness of the shelter's inhabitants.

Windows PC version of Afterfall: InSanity will be available world wide in November 2011. The game will be ported to other platforms soon after. For more information see its official website.

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Titre : Afterfall : InSanity

Editeur :

Studio : Nicolas Games

Plateformes : PC online, Web

Date de sortie : 2011-11-00

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