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Afterfall : Insanity

At this year’s E3, the Polish developer Nicolas Games presents a new adrenaline-driven trailer of Afterfall: Insanity. For the first time, the video (running time 1:20 minutes) shows overground scenes from the post-apocalyptical survival horror game which is mainly set in underground bunkers. Afterfall: Insanity will be released in Q4 2011 for PC by the Berlin-based publisher Just A Game.

The World in 2035

In the wake of the Europe-wide nuclear holocaust people have withdrawn to underground bunkers and shelters more than 20 years ago. Meanwhile the deadly danger has faded into a mere bitter memory and the safe retreat has gradually become a kind of prison. The feeling of claustrophobia is taking over and turning into a nightmare. Main character Albert is one of the doctors monitoring the mental stability of the people in hiding. Suffering from several symptoms himself, he has made the arrest syndrome his special field of research. When the people start to see demons, Albert asks himself how this could happen. When trying to solve the mystery he not only has to face the dangers lurking in the dark but also his own personal fears and weaknesses.

Boldly Go Ahead

With hardcore survival psycho horror Afterfall: Insanity sends ghastly shivers down the spines of genre fans. Narrow rooms, which seem to offer no way of escape, permanent claustrophobia and the madness of the inmates create a very oppressive atmosphere. In the role of Albert players have to solve several mysteries, fight monsters and take difficult decisions. In addition to quick reflexes the game also requires logical thinking and drawing the appropriate conclusions. Only those who overcome their own fears will finally lift the secret and save the people from their underground prison.

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Titre : Afterfall : Insanity

Editeur : Just A Game

Studio : Nicolas Games

Plateformes : PC

Date de sortie : 2011-12-00

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