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Enjoy Gaming ltd., Worldwide digital and European retail publisher, is proud to announce ‘Datamine’ Nintendo DSiWare available in the Nintendo DSi shop later on this year. Datamine will be the fourth Nintendo DSiWare game released this year by Enjoy Gaming ltd


You are the safety inspector at the largest data center facility in the world. Unfortunately your laziness at work has created the biggest cataclysm of the wireless age: “the loss of all mankind data”.

You have been chosen to retrieve the lost data and must go on a dangerous journey to try and recover them all.

Datamine is a great arcade action game where you control a robot and beam at data bubbles to split and catch them.Test your skills in 100 challenging levels. Grab equipment upgrades like speed boost, sticky shots and shields, break encrypted data and fusion bubbles who merge when they touch others.

Need more challenge? Go for one of the 100 medals or customize your robot and go for the marathon: an unlimited mode where data arrives on screen constantly. What's best? speed or fire power ? Try as many combinations as you to want to get the best score.

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Informations complémentaires

Titre : Datamine

Editeur : Enjoy Gaming ltd

Studio : Visual Impact

Plateformes : DSiWare

Date de sortie : 2010-08-06

A propos

About Enjoy Gaming ltd.
A UK based digital and retail publisher founded in 2009, led by CEO Paul Tresise, brings a line up of over 20 titles in 2010 to the European and world wide market including Licensed tiles with Honda, Chevrolet, Heathcliff & Gummy Bears plus new film titles such as Beastly due for release in the 4th quarter with a host of other top quality products.

About Visual Impact
A game development company founded in 1994 with studios in France and Belgium. Responsible for developing million seller titles such as Imagine : Babyz and Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix. Visual Impact is responsible for developing innovative technology such as the "360° MotionFlow" exclusive for Nintendo DSi™ and is currently creating titles for all major console platforms.

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