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Updated for Multiplayer Mayhem

iPhone, iPodT, iPad [ Atari ]

Free-to-play iOS Hit Featuring Turn-based Multiplayer Challenge Mode and OpenFeint Leaderboards

Asteroids : Gunner

Atari, one of the world’s most recognised publishers and producers of interactive entertainment, announced today that Asteroids: Gunner, developed by Fluik Entertainment, has been updated in the App Store and now includes multiplayer features, among several other updates. Players can now compete with friends in an all-new Challenge Mode, a turn-based multiplayer mode, for high scores and bragging rights, or strive to reach top place on OpenFeint leaderboards. Also included was an update to increase the rate at which Crystals, which unlock upgrades, are awarded.

Experience the new competitive features by updating Asteroids: Gunner on your iOS device or downloading the game for free from the App Store.

Asteroids: Gunner features

  • Three galaxies to explore and conquer, with 150 waves of asteroids and alien warships to obliterate
  • Dual-stick controls for firing and movement, perfect for non-stop blasting action
  • Access to three unique space crafts to pilot: the Miner, the Bomber and the Dart
  • Legions of power-ups and upgrades to customize your ship and turn it into an unstoppable force
  • Earn Crystals and purchase Space Bucks to unlock new galaxies and powerful upgrades
  • An extensive achievement system that lets you earn ranks… and bragging rights
  • Challenge Mode, a turn-based multiplayer mode in which players compete against friends
  • OpenFeint and Game Center integration

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Informations complémentaires

Titre : Asteroids : Gunner

Editeur : Atari

Studio :

Plateformes : iPhone, iPodT, iPad

Date de sortie : 2011-11-22

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Atari group is a global creator, producer and publisher of interactive entertainment. Atari’s brands and content are available across all key traditional and digital distribution touch points, including browser-based and social online platforms, Windows PC, consoles from Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony Computer Entertainment America, and advanced smart phones (i.e. iPhone, Android and RIM devices). Divisions of Atari, SA include Cryptic Studios, Eden Studios, Atari Interactive, Inc. and Atari, Inc.

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