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Launch of NanoStar Siege Validates Innovative Virtual Goods Platform

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Digital Chocolate Emerges as Hottest New Social Game Publisher

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Digital Chocolate, a quality leader in original and high quality games on all platforms, today announced the launch of NanoStar™ Siege on Facebook, the leading social networking site. NanoStar Siege is the 2nd installment in the growing NanoStar Social Games collection and proves the platform concept of this unique cross-game virtual goods model.

NanoStar Siege will give users the chance to customize their own army with unique collectible NanoStar characters in an epic battle with friends. Created specifically to take full advantage of Facebook, NanoStar Siege players can attack friends’ kingdoms to earn experience, bragging rights, and coins to purchase upgrades for their army and defenses. Players can command an army of swordsmen, archers and slayers during battles by using NanoStar characters to build their team.

NanoStar Siege is the first head-to-head tower defense game on Facebook. The game features innovative gameplay where each user sets up both their attacking army and defending army. Both attacking and defending armies can gain an advantage by using the special attributes connected to each NanoStar character, which turn into a unique hero or ability in-game. There are over 150 NanoStar Characters to collect and each can be used to improve a player’s chances of winning. Players will need to protect their kingdom and outsmart their opponents in order to claim the honor and fame of victory.

NanoStar Siege is a great addition to the NanoStar platform of social games,” said Ilkka Paananen, President of Digital Chocolate. “With its strategic battles, action-packed gameplay, and NanoStar characters, NanoStar Siege brings a fresh and innovative perspective to social gaming on Facebook.”

NanoStar Siege is a completely different type of game than NanoStar Castles yet uses the same virtual characters, albeit in different ways. “NanoStar Castles feels like a classic card game, whereas NanoStar Siege offers real-time casual strategy like a tower defense game,” said Trip Hawkins, CEO of Digital Chocolate. “Our character Robin Hood is a high-power archer in NanoStar Siege. In NanoStar Castles he can trade a bad card for a good opponent card, so he’s robbing from the rich and giving to the poor. The gameplay is very different yet both uses of Robin Hood fit his personality.”

Digital Chocolate is rapidly emerging as one of the industry’s Top 10 social game companies, as evidenced by Facebook metrics from “Right now, Appdata says that only two companies that offer social games with virtual goods are adding customers faster than we are,” says Trip Hawkins. “NanoStar Siege is our 6th social game on Facebook and our 5th to offer virtual goods. We have nearly 200 employees working on this new business, which I believe ranks us 4th.”

NanoStar Siege will be available to play for free on Facebook. This game comes on the heels of the launch of NanoStar Castles, a groundbreaking new strategy game on Facebook.

NanoStar Castles is also available to play for free on Facebook. For more information about Digital Chocolate’s other social games, go to here.

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