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Digital Chocolate Launches NanoStar Platform on Facebook

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Innovative social gaming platform kicks off with NanoStar Castles strategy game

NanoStar Castles

Digital Chocolate, a quality leader in original and high quality games on all platforms, today announced the launch of the NanoStar platform on Facebook, the leading social networking site. The Nanostar platform features the latest innovation in virtual goods with an approach that moves well beyond the standard functional objects for individual games. Players can collect fun and surprising characters that transform into unique abilities, items, and experiences across each NanoStar game, starting with NanoStar Castles.

NanoStar Social Games are a growing collection of Facebook applications that use these unique collectible characters in the gameplay in ways that are so innovative, they’re protected by multiple patents. If a user unlocks a character in one game, they can also use it in another NanoStar Social Game - with different effects. This innovative feature provides more value and emotional satisfaction for the player, and gives users a new experience every time they play a new NanoStar Social Game. There are over 150 NanoStar characters to collect – each with a unique personality including ThatsWhatSheSaid, Nerdburger, and Foobar.

I want the NanoStar characters to feel like Pokémon for grownups,” said Trip Hawkins, CEO and Founder of Digital Chocolate. “I like films like Shrek that can appeal to a wide-age range audience. People who grew up with Pokemon that are now on Facebook can also enjoy NanoStar Castles.”

NanoStar Castles, the world’s simplest trading card game, is ‘the trading card game for the rest of us’ and has the ingredients to become a potential classic. Players can customize their deck and attack friends to earn experience points, bragging rights and higher rankings. NanoStar Castles features social gameplay where each user sets up their deck to use in real-time or protect them while they are away. In addition, they can collect NanoStar characters to build their deck and use in battle to gain an advantage, launch a surprise attack, or lay a trap for their opponent. NanoStar Castles is available on Facebook and users can play it now

I like trading card games but always felt they were too difficult and that we could develop something unique and better with computer networks,” says Trip Hawkins. “NanoStar Castles takes advantage of the virtuality that computers can offer and then combines some classic elements in a refreshing new kind of game. My dream is that people will want to play this game for the rest of their lives.”

Industry experts that have played NanoStar Castles are impressed

I have to say that it’s very clever,” said Dean Takahashi, veteran lead writer for GamesBeat at VentureBeat. “This game could prove to be addictive for lots of fans.”

I’ve known Trip for thirty years and this is a pinnacle for him as a game designer,” said Tim Bajarin, president of Creative Strategies Inc and a leading industry analyst. “These are innovative game mechanics and business models.”

The company is making the right sorts of experiments on Facebook,” said Eric Eldon, noted Facebook expert and Co-Editor of Inside Network and Inside Social Games. “We think it has special potential to be a big success.” Eldon added that Digital Chocolate has a, “shot at becoming a social gaming market leader this year.”

NanoStar Castles is available to play for free on Facebook. NanoStar characters are inexpensive, with prices starting around 75 cents each. Users can also get the characters in various pack sizes in order to enhance their gameplay in each of the NanoStar Social Games.

Digital Chocolate will soon be adding its second game, NanoStar Siege, to the growing NanoStar platform.

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