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Spot The Difference

Enjoy Gaming ltd., Worldwide digital and European retail publisher, is proud to announce ‘Spot The Difference’ Nintendo DSiWare available in the Nintendo DSi shop later on this year. Spot The Difference will be the fifth Nintendo DSiWare game released this year by Enjoy Gaming ltd.

Spot The Difference is the universal classic puzzle game.

Two pictures are displayed.You must select the areas in the bottom picture where you see a difference and find all differences in a limited time.

If you manage to discover the differences within the time limit, you will be granted with Cups according to your performance. There are Bronze, Silver and Gold Cups to win.

The game features 160 different photos fr-om established photographers, with more than a thousand different combinations of differences to find in the images.

Choose between one player and multiplayer up to 6 players.

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Informations complémentaires

Titre : Spot The Difference

Editeur : Enjoy Gaming ltd

Studio : Visual Impact

Plateformes : DSiWare

Date de sortie : 2010-08-09

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