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Prepare to save Aliens and (Yes!) mankind with PETI, THE Puzzle Game ! Match 4+ elements of the same color to make them disappear, and if an alien is included, it’ll be saved. Clear the level from its aliens to win.

LevelUp Studio is proud to present you PETI ! In this gorgeous puzzle game, Aliens falls on Earth and you have to send them back to their mother. Doing so, she may not get mad and destroy our beautiful Earth. Save ’em Up and you’ll be a Hero for Aliens and for mankind (oh Yes again!) alike.

Earn experience and buy special power to help Invaders getting out from our galaxy. The special power can allow you to change block color, destroy some blocks or raise your chance to have special block.


  • 12 Special Powers
  • 20 achievements to unlock
  • 4 different worlds
  • Free limited version (soon)
  • Full Version with Special

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Titre : Peti

Editeur : LeveUP Studio

Studio :

Plateformes : iPhone, iPodT, iPad

Date de sortie : 2012-09-05

A propos

Who’s LevelUp Studio ?
Based in France, near Toulouse, LevelUp Studio is a company with innovative ideas and design to a few applications that have became the biggest names on the Play Store. Our experience as a developer give us a deep understanding of mobiles platform and we ensure that our products are the best in their categories
and fit the growing customers requirements Founder Ludovic Vialle has participated to the Android Developer Challenge 2 from Google and won the third place in the Lifestyle category with FoxyRing, an application that manage your ringtone and make it smarter

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