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iPhone, iPodT [ Clickgamer - Fun Armada ]
Black Hole

Help the Nutty Professor save earth with his Black Hole generator. Use gravity to save the earth by placing black holes strategically in the galaxy to create asteroid smashing combos. Destroy and redirect the incoming waves of asteroids and save mankind! The fate of Earth lies in your fingertips!


  • Fast and action oriented gameplay
  • Intuitive controls - just tap the screen to create a powerful black holes
  • Use the gravity of the black holes to change the path of asteroids
  • Force asteroid collisions to protect the earth and earn points
  • The more destruction available the higher the score combo
  • 3 special asteroid types:
  • Ice asteroids freeze every asteroid in range
  • Lightning asteroids create destructive lightning chains
  • Missile asteroids shoot homing missile on the deadliest targets
  • 18 fun packed levels with 3 difficulty modes
  • Test your endurance in Endless mode
  • Online Crystal High Scores
  • Play all levels and modes online against your friends or the whole world
  • Collect Crystal achievements and show off to your friends

WHEN: Black Hole is now LIVE on the App Store!

WHERE: Priced at $.99, Black Hole can be purchased here

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Informations complémentaires

Titre : Black Hole

Editeur : Clickgamer

Studio : Fun Armada

Plateformes : iPhone, iPodT

Date de sortie : 2010-06-07

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