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Bigpoint publishes real-time fantasy MMOG Emporea

PC online [ Bigpoint - Pixelfederation ]

– the worldwide leader in browser-based video games – today announced the English-language launch of Emporea, a fantasy-themed Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) that blends distinctive animated graphics, traditional role-playing game elements, and intelligent game design into a unique gaming experience.

The mythical world of Emporea is inhabited by four different races: dwarves, elves, orcs, and the undead. Each brings its own strengths, weaknesses, and special features. Gamers can choose to assert their dominance over other players through diplomacy by forging alliances and trading, or through aggression by conquering an enemy city’s defenses or annihilating it entirely with magic.

With 48 different building types, 28 upgradeable military units, 30 spells, more than 100 units and upgrades to research, many artifacts to discover, and the ability to customize their hero’s skills, players can adapt the game to fit their personal style and create a more engaging experience.

Elegant Design Simplifies New Player Experience

Emporea’s visual style, a Flash-based, free-to-play MMOG, is unique to this genre. Thanks to a fully-animated graphical interface, intuitive menu navigation, and mouse-over-activated tool tips, new players will find it easy to plunge into the enchanting world of Emporea.

The game also offers a wide-range of in-game communication methods – such as a real-time in-game chat and individual alliance forums – that make it possible for players to exchange suggestions, ask questions, and plan lightning-fast concerted attacks.

The fascinating world of Emporea allows for up to 20,000 players per server. The game was developed by Pixelfederation, a Slovakian studio. The game has launched exclusively on

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Informations complémentaires

Titre : Emporea

Editeur : Bigpoint

Studio : Pixelfederation

Plateformes : PC online

Date de sortie : 2010-05-00

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