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Chillingo and Mokus Reach New Heights With Contre Jour

iPhone, iPodT [ Activision - Toys For Bob ]

Hauntingly Beautiful Platformer Tops the App Store iPad Charts

Contre Jour

Chillingo, leading independent games publisher and division of Electronic Arts Inc. today announced that its brand new title, ‘Contre Jour’ was selected as Apple's iPad Game of the Week and has risen to the top of the App Store charts to become the number one top iPad paid app in the U.S.

Contre Jour imaginatively blends the best aspects of physics based games and platformers into a wonderful world where players guide its mysterious creature, Petit through eerily stunning levels. Use your finger to morph the landscape, propelling Petit to safety. Pull, swipe and tap gadgets such as tendrils, air geysers and pulleys to complete clever puzzles. Set to a poignant orchestrated soundtrack fro-m composer, David Ari Leon, Contre Jour both delights and bedevils fro-m start to finish.

Contre Jour is an ingenious title that pushes the boundaries of iOS gaming to deliver a truly unique experience; it's clear to see why it was an E3 Game Critics Award nominee,” explains Joe Wee, Co-General Manager, Chillingo. "We worked closely with talented indie developer, Mokus to cultivate this phenomenal game throughout the past months and we are thrilled to see it reach number one within three days of launch,” adds Chris Byatte, Co-General Manager, Chillingo.

We appreciate all the support fr-om fans around the world who have and continue to make Contre Jour such a favorite on the App Store,” explains Maxym Hryniv, Founder of Mokus. “We wanted to create a game that leverages the artwork, music and intuitive touch controls of iOS devices while providing an amazing experience that keeps players seeking more.”

Contre Jour and Contre Jour HD is available for iPhone/iPod touch $.99 and for iPad (universal build) $2.99 fro-m the App Store.

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Titre : Contre Jour

Editeur : Activision

Studio : Toys For Bob

Plateformes : iPhone, iPodT

Date de sortie : 2011-08-25

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