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Chillingo's 'Monster Mayhem'Just Nights Away From the App Store

iPhone, iPodT [ Chillingo ]

Get ready for the goriest, bloodiest, hack-and-slash monster attack game you've ever seen. The only game where attack IS the best form of defense

Monster Mayhem

Monster Mayhem Game Features

  • 20 Unique Monsters and 5 "Bad to the Bone" Bosses
  • 30 Challenging Stages + Boss mode + Endless Attack Mode
  • 7 Different Weapons to Fight Back the Monsters with 4 Level Upgrades
  • A Useful Monster Handbook that Details Each Enemie's Weakness and Your Kill Record
  • Fully integrated with Chillingo's Social Gaming Platform, Crystal to Log High Scores and Achievements

Monster Mayhem Story

Crazy monsters lurk in the dark of night, trapped behind the rusty iron graveyard gates. As the Gate Keeper, you must keep the monsters behind bars and stop them from escaping by any means necessary. This is classic castle defense with a twist: no gun turrets, blocks or speed reduction – just all out ATTACK with explosive weapons and action-packed combat!

  • The Monsters Will Break Into the App Store Soon


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Informations complémentaires

Titre : Monster Mayhem

Editeur : Chillingo

Studio :

Plateformes : iPhone, iPodT

Date de sortie : 2010-04-00

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