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DarXabre Games takes a swing with Banana Banzai

iPhone, iPodT, iPad [ DarXabre Games ]

DarXabre Games announces the release of “Banana Banzai” for iPhone and iPad in the App Store

Banana Banzai

Today DarXabre Games is pleased to announce the release of Banana Banzai, their first Apple iPhone/iPad game in the App Store.

With Banana Banzai, DarXabre Games will deliver exciting, cartoony arcade action, filled with fun and humor, featuring colorful, retro style pixel graphics. The retro style is inspired by classic 16bit games and is created by Henk Nieborg, a legend among 2D games artists since the days of Amiga. Combine this with a whacky, cheerful soundtrack and addictive gameplay, and presto, you got Banana Banzai.

Jason Garber, MD of DarXabre games; “The iPhone and iPad are the perfect devices to deliver games that recapture the purity of gameplay that thrills the audience with fun. Banana Banzai is an excellent game to be played anywhere on the move. In essence, we have adapted fast and funny Arcade Action and taken a beautiful, unique Visual Style to complement the action and setting. In our modest vision, the game is a true return to what is most important when you play a game: enjoyment, entertainment and fun. We certainly had loads of fun during development of Banana Banzai.”

On another note, Marco Pappalardo, DarXabre Games Development Director said: “I was excited to work on a concept that in my opinion was a return to what I had missed for the last 10 years. Pure gameplay for a perfect and exciting platform, iOS which is perfect for the games I envision. We’ve developed a beautiful, funny Action Game bursting with attitude. This will be our first title with DarXabre Games and we are already developing other games that follow our philosophy. Look out for other great games from us soon.”

DarXabre games aims its bananas at the generation desperate for some good old arcade action and at the kids aged 8 to 88 who will certainly fall in love with their banana-slinging friend!

This game is simply... BANANAS!

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Informations complémentaires

Titre : Banana Banzai

Editeur :

Studio : DarXabre Games

Plateformes : iPhone, iPodT, iPad

Date de sortie : 2011-07-22

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About DarXabre Games B.V.
Founded in 2001 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands by Jason Garber, DarXabre Games develops downloadable games for Console-, PC- and Apple-Platforms.
The core team has worked together for more than 5 years and have an extensive Track Record of more than 15 released games for PC, GameBoy Advance, PlayStation One, Nintendo DS and PlayStation Two and Apple's iPhone/iPad and Android. DarXabre Games has a sales office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and a development studio in Berlin, Germany.

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