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Boulder Dash - XL Now Available on Xbox LIVE Arcade

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Boulder Dash - XL

Great news for all Boulder Dash and puzzle fans around the world :as Kalypso Media and First Star Software, Inc. today announced that Boulder Dash-XL is now available on Xbox LIVE Arcade for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. The game, which brings a classic game into the modern HD-era, is available for 800 Microsoft Points.

Boulder Dash’s tricky puzzle and dexterity-based gameplay made its debut in the early 80s and continues to entertain its enormous fan base and new players. The game is recognized as one of the best-loved retro games in the history of computer and video gaming. Now Boulder Dash-XL brings this classic back with a hot new look. The game’s core remains unchanged: in a race against time players must collect sparkling diamonds while besting hordes of enemies, avoiding numerous traps, and keeping an eye out for falling boulders!

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Titre : Boulder Dash - XL

Editeur : Calypso Media / First Star Software

Studio :

Plateformes : XBLA

Date de sortie : 2011-07-18

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