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The time has come to fulfill your destiny! Starting today, April 8, the brand new demo for Phantom EFX’s upcoming epic role playing adventure, Battle Slots, is now available for download – just journey over to its site and grab it! Set to launch on April 19th for PC and later on for digital console downloads, Battle Slots is putting a whole new spin on RPGs and will quench the thirst of even the most experienced gamer.

Formerly a tranquil and peaceful land, your home of Tellus has recently fallen under the ominous pall of a terrible evil. Your world needs a hero – are you up to the challenge and ready to spin the reels of fate? A quest-based title, Battle Slots utilizes a mysterious and magical slot machine device to advance the action and role playing elements through the game world. Take on opponents, complete duels and overcome challenges to level up your slot machine’s attributes, allowing you to unleash more devastating attacks and spells upon your foes. Configure your five-reeled machine as you see fit, balancing Attack Points, Mana, Experience and Gold to create the ultimate weapon! Trek through Tellus using the over world map to blaze your own trail filled with allies and enemies to reach your ultimate goal of eliminating this newly sprung evil at its source.

Battle Slots features include

Each spin of the slot machine will grant either Attack points, Mana points, bonus Experience or extra Gold – configure your slot precisely how you want it to go into each battle with a combination that is sure to leave you victorious!Earn money and experience in each battle – more experience levels up and strengthens your character, while money allows the purchase of new slot symbols, new powers, new spells and new attacks.

Capture beasts and animals by hunting in the countryside and defeating them in battle – each captured animal provides you with a special power that you can use in future fights!

Meet and interact with a colorful cast along your journey to investigate this new evil – some characters will become your allies, who can be called upon to aid you in your toughest battles.

Head over to its website to download the demo today, and be sure to “like” Battle Slots on Facebook to be entered into a contest to win other great Phantom EFX titles.

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Titre : Battle Slots

Editeur : Phantom EFX

Studio :

Plateformes : PC online

Date de sortie : 2011-04-08

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