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A dream dances to life: Tivola steps the light fantastic

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'Dancing Academy' turns the Nintendo DSi Shop into a dance floor

Dancing Academy

Tivola’s recent beauty and styling titles “Model Academy” and “Beauty Academy” have set new trends in DSiWare games. The third installment of its fun-packed Academy gaming series brings everything in motion – the new “Dancing Academy” features dance competitions in a huge range of music genres and locations, from electronic beats, pop and rock through to samba, tango and even ballet. To get the all-important thumbs-up from a panel of experts, players need a cool hand and plenty of rhythm as they draw the right movements with the Nintendo DS Touchpen to hit the symbols as they light up. Players then go on a world dance tour, meeting people from all over the world in cities as diverse as Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro and Dubai, having the time of their lives in the process.

Every girl dreams of becoming world-famous when they grow up. The new DSiWare “Dancing Academy” turns that dream into a reality. The player gets the unique chance to show her dance skills at a talent show. The dance performances are staged at venues around the world, including a barn in Dallas, an übercool London nightclub, a Chandigarh film studio or even a ballroom in St. Petersburg. At each performance, players have to convince the panel that they’re star material. But to reach the top flight of performance dancing players not only have to prove they can do the standard dance steps. Additional mini games test their advanced skills to come up with special moves to dazzle the panel with their abilities. Players use the Touchpen to tap the right move combination or scream into the microphone to make their virtual dancer do special jump moves. For each performance at the required standard, points and money are awarded, which can then be invested in new dance outfits such as a belly dancer costume or Goth-style clothing.

The Nintendo DSiWare “Dancing Academy” is now available for Lien

Dancing Academy in brief

  • Nintendo DSiWare available in the Nintendo DSi Shop
  • From age 8 and up
  • Price: 500 Nintendo DSi Points
  • English, German, French, Italian and Spanish versions available

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Titre : Dancing Academy

Editeur : Tivola

Studio :

Plateformes : DSiWare

Date de sortie : 2011-04-08

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