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Painkiller - Redemption

Patch 1.03a is available

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Painkiller - Redemption

JoWood Entertainment announces new patch for Painkiller - Redemption.

"With the current update Painkiller - Redemption becomes even better because we’ve been working hard on stability and gameplay tweaks", says Reinhard Pollice, Producer JoWooD.


  • Fixed some map design flaws and glitches such as slowly closing doors and points where you could “leave” the current level
  • Fixed random crash on map loading with script error or no error caption
  • Fixed 1st map glitch - player was unable to collect all items and destroy some items
  • Fixed "multisampling" word in graphic options - now correctly named "multisampling"
  • Fixed several smaller bugs and engine crashes
  • Removed pillars in the endboss area
  • Tweaked AI of endboss
  • Shadow improvements on last map

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Informations complémentaires

Titre : Painkiller - Redemption

Editeur : JoWooD Entertainment

Studio : DreamCatcher Inc.

Plateformes : PC

Date de sortie : 2011-02-25

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