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Ngmoco's We Rule celebrates first anniversary with a vibrant community that already clocked three billion minutes building Kingdom

iPhone, iPad, PC online [ Ngmoco ]

Leading Game Maker Proves Enduring Power of Franchises in Social Mobile Games, Confirms Commitment to Players, Invites New Rulers to Join the Kingdom

We Rule

We celebrate the first birthday of We Rule , the pioneering mobile social game from leading game company ngmoco. We Rule was one of the first free-to-play games to emerge on the iOS platform, and players have clocked in more than three billion minutes of kingdom building, questing and growing crops worldwide since its launch in March 2010. The event marks a milestone for the company and the industry itself, demonstrating that social games on the mobile platform can flourish into flagship entertainment franchises. ngmoco will celebrate and declare its commitment to its robust player community with promotions, highly anticipated new features and an aggressive development schedule to further grow the beloved title.

The vibrant We Rule community is a testament to the game’s staying power. On average, players have 27 friends on their social map, and have banded together to take on 82 million social jobs and completed over 1.2 million quests. ngmoco has responded by delighting players with twice-weekly content updates that have added over 300 ways to grow and customize their kingdoms.

Ngmoco is setting a new standard with We Rule. In the brave new world of smartphone social games, a live game, operated as a service, can become as enduring a franchise as any interactive entertainment title has achieved. As such, ngmoco confirms its dedication and commitment to ongoing development of We Rule. The latest update, slated to go live this week, will add a gifting feature, which has been a popular request among players. ngmoco has many more game advancements in store for the coming months, as well as an expansion to the Android platform.

We Rule players preside over their very own whimsical kingdom full of castles, peasants, pirates, dragons, and more. Players raise crops, collect taxes, complete quests and trade with neighboring realms via the social connectivity of ngmoco's plus+ Network. Wise rulers act as city planners and landscapers, and build, grow and craft their own social microcosms.

We Rule Quests is available for free, for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad from the Apple App Store. To discover more about the delightful world of We Rule, please visit its Website.

Data points that illustrate why We Rule and its success make a great story

  • Celebrating its first birthday Thursday, March 17, We Rule is gamechanger: how free-to-play, social mobile games develop into flagship entertainment franchises
  • Players have already clocked more than three billion minutes in the game
  • We Rule commands a vibrant community of active, loyal fans, who entered 1,000+ video submissions professing their dedication in an effort to compete for the top prize: 2,000 mojo, the in-game currency
  • The We Rule infographic charts key data milestones for the We Rule franchise and its ever expanding fan base

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Titre : We Rule

Editeur : Ngmoco

Studio :

Plateformes : iPhone, iPad, PC online

Date de sortie : 2010-03-17

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