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PSN, XBLA [ UTV Ignition Entertainment - Hothead Games ]

Join Pete and Joel from the Swarm team in this final installment of "Ask Dr. Mike". See how competitive getting the high score can become in Swarm, the addictive action-platformer from the game creators at Hothead Games. Run, bash, huddle, boost, stack, jump, push and throw your way through gauntlets of death and destruction as you guide your swarm of 50 pudgy blue morons through a ridiculously dangerous world.

More information about Swarm is available at its Homepage and on Facebook or on Twitter.

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Informations complémentaires

Titre : Swarm

Editeur : UTV Ignition Entertainment

Studio : Hothead Games

Plateformes : PSN, XBLA

Date de sortie : à définir

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