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WiiWare, iPhone, iPodT [ DTP Entertainment ]
My Little Baby

Feeding, playing, nappy-changing and pure parental joy: With ‘My Little Baby’ for WiiWare, young girl players can experience the joy of digital parenthood. There’s a packed daily schedule for mum’s little angel, since life with an infant is not just all about fun; there are a number of commitments to fulfil as well. In the end your digital offspring just wants to be lovingly entertained, fed and cared for. The girls will take on the responsibility for the cute little baby and in doing so will present themselves with several challenges. A bundle of joy can be quite demanding when it comes to a tasty feed, the correct water temperature and inventive play!

As time goes by, the girl players will activate more and more features to keep their small child busy. Then the baby will soon begin to crawl and will have to be taken by the hand – and not just to learn to walk! The girls can also make their digital darlings laugh by tickling them with the Wii Remote – the completely normal everyday routine of the loving mother, full of life and surprises.

The ‘My Little Baby’ WiiWare title supports the languages English, French and German. It is available for 600 Wii Points and has been developed in Naples, Italy by Raylight S.r.l.


  • Simulation of the daily routines around caring for a cute little baby which grows to become a toddler
  • Numerous mini-games to mimic real life: feeding, bathing, nappy-changing, playing …
  • Intuitive control using the Wii Remote

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Titre : My Little Baby

Editeur : DTP Entertainment

Studio :

Plateformes : WiiWare, iPhone, iPodT

Date de sortie : 2011-02-18

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