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If you haven’t had a chance yet, check out Digital Chocolate’s fourth major launch on Facebook – Safari Kingdom. Play the game now

Adventurers wanted! Create your very own Safari Kingdom as you raise different wild animals! Care for a wide variety of exotic animals from an egg into a baby, youth, and full-grown adult. Feed and pet your animals until they are fully matured and be ready to release them into the wilderness. Complete exciting quests and gain great rewards that will help you expand your safari. Decorate your safari any way you like and create a space where you and your animals can live together as one big happy family, safe from extinction.


  • Innovative caretaking mechanism where you can grow animals from eggs to adult animals
  • Wide variety of exotic animals all with customized egg, baby, young and adult phase
  • Each animal has its custom sounds and animations that make your safari come alive
  • Customize your safari character; there are more than a billion different options to guarantee that you get the look that you want to
  • Vast amount of customizations to decorate your kingdom
  • Complete exciting quests and be awarded with great rewards that will help you to expand your safari
  • Visit your friends’ Safari and help them develop their safari by taking care of their pets while they are away

Safari Kingdom is available to play for free on Facebook. Digital Chocolate will be implementing enhancements and upgrades to Safari Kingdom in the coming weeks so check back often to see the updates

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Titre : Safari Kingdom

Editeur : Digital Chocolate

Studio : Digital Chocolate

Plateformes : Web

Date de sortie : à définir

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