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Découvrez le trailer officiel du jeu vidéo WRC, prévu pour une sortie à l'automne 2010

PS3, Xbox 360, PC [ Black Bean Games - Milestone ]

BlackBean Games et Tradewest Games dévoilent le premier trailer officiel du jeu vidéo WRC. Développé par le studio de développement Milestone, le jeu WRC sera disponible à l’automne 2010 sur PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 et PC.

Vidéo de WRC

Informations complémentaires

Titre : WRC

Editeur : Black Bean Games

Studio : Milestone

Plateformes : PS3, Xbox 360, PC

Date de sortie : 2010-09-00

A propos

A propos de Tradewest Games
Tradewest Games est une société polyvalente de l’édition et la distribution de jeux vidéo sur le marché international, dont l’équipe se compose de professionnels issus de l’industrie vidéoludique. Tradewest Games bénéficie également d’un réseau étendu composé de développeurs, d’agences créatives de renom, de sociétés de fabrication et de fournisseurs de service provenant de tous les domaines d’activité du secteur. Les bureaux de Tradewest Games sont implantés à Londres (Grande-Bretagne) et à Paris (France).

About WRC
In 2008, WRC was covered by 188 countries via 228 broadcasters, with a total audience of over 633 million plus 12 million visitors to 2009 will see a total of 12 rallies staged across the world in Ireland, Norway, Cyprus, Portugal, Argentina, Italy, Greece, Poland, Finland, Australia, Spain and Great Britain. For more information please visit

About Black Bean Games
Black Bean Games, publishing label of Lago S.r.l. which is part of the Leader Group, has started establishing itself in 2003 as an important player in the international publishing arena. Leveraging 20 years of market expertise and knowledge, Black Bean Games relies on a strategy focused on original IPs and strong licenses to create unique videogame experiences. Its latest twist brought to concentrate on Racing games and Family and Lifestyle ones. The first to please 2 wheels enthusiasts with the ever changing editions of SBK® license as well as car drivers passionate for tracks and off-roads experience, the latter to adequate to modern market trends creating new brands such as NewU Fitness First and NatGeo Quiz!

About Milestone
Founded in Milan in 1996, Milestone S.r.l. is the biggest Italian developer and it is recognized worldwide as the leading Italian developer of interactive entertainment software specialized in racing videogames. In 2002 Milestone S.r.l. became part of the Leader Group. An obsessive desire for quality combined with an elaborate attention to detail have always been the trademarks and philosophy of the company. SBK® Superbike World Championship series is a clear example. Milestone is developing products for current and next gen platforms: PS2, PSP, Xbox360, PS3, PC as well as for Interactive Television. For further information about Milestone, visit the following website:

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