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Aventurine SA announced today that they will be offering a 14 day Darkfall Online free trial for the first time since the game launched last year.

"We wanted to give everyone the chance to try out our game. Darkfall being the top competitive MMOG in the market, is often mistakenly considered a niche game for hardcore players only. This free trial will give new players the opportunity to test themselves in our highly competitive environment, and at the same time discover that Darkfall is a well rounded game catering to the majority of MMOG play-styles."Zad Mehdawi, Executive Producer, Darkfall

About Darkfall Online

Darkfall Online is a massive multiplayer online (MMO) fantasy role-playing game featuring a fun, fast-paced, real-time combat system, massive battles, clan warfare and empire building. Darkfall combines role-playing, action, and strategic gameplay. Darkfall has been designed to create intensely realistic and highly immersive combat and a challenging, realistic environment for a more immersive experience. With full collision detection battle lines really matter and well-aimed spell blasts will send opponents flying. Darkfall's goal is to provide players with a fun and challenging experience through a seamless and zoneless, non-instanced, "sandbox" game world.

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Informations complémentaires

Titre : Darkfall Online

Editeur : Aventurine SA

Studio : Aventurine

Plateformes : PC online

Date de sortie : 2009-02-25

A propos

About Aventurine SA
Aventurine SA is an independent computer games developer located in Athens, Greece. Aventurine is fueled by passion for gaming and game technologies. Aventurine's main project is Darkfall Online, a groundbreaking game that launched on February 25th 2010. Development of the game, the technology platform, game engine, and tools began in 2003. The Darkfall team consists of fifty veteran developers.

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