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Unleash your rage with the demo of Asura's Wrath

PS3, Xbox 360 [ Capcom ]
Asura's Wrath

Feeling angry? Having a bad day? Then unleash that rage with the official demo for Asura’s Wrath, available globally on Xbox Live with the PSN version releasing today, Wednesday 11th , across Europe.

Introducing a brand new style of action game, players will control Asura in a blend of action and cinematic sequences, delivering a fresh take on the action gaming genre. Download the demo and face off against distinct enemies in two episodes from the game. Meet the planetary sized boss Wyzen and Asura’s old mentor Augus on this journey for revenge against each of the eight deities who betrayed him 12,000 years ago. Execute a mix of range attacks and visceral close quarter action to fill Asura’s ‘Burst Gauge’, unleashing the full force of his rage and deliver devastation.

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Titre : Asura's Wrath

Editeur : Capcom

Studio :

Plateformes : PS3, Xbox 360

Date de sortie : 2012-01-10

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