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JoWooD Entertainment releases patch for 'The Guild 2'

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The Guild 2

JoWooD Entertainment AG emphasizes its new Quality course by releasing a new patch for „The Guild 2“. This patch solves all known issues with the engine and introduces several changes to game balance based on JoWooD’s intense cooperation with the game’s fan community.

A score of new features adds to the mediaeval world depicted in “The Guild 2”: As before, the player builds up a family dynasty, securing wealth and power through his artisans’ diligence as much as by intrigue, courtship, schooling and the occasional poisoned dagger … A controversial favorite among the new features is the option of forced marriage which allows wealthy characters to skip time-consuming courtship, and a completely re-worked Bribery system which allows unscrupulous Guild 2 Patriarchs to gain even more leverage in the town hall and in court. This comprehensive content patch also includes a surprise to make sure even the most experienced “The Guild 2” veterans can try the new features in unfamiliar surroundings – a brand-new map styled to be reminiscent of Ancient Old Vienna.

Many of our games are known to be ‘slow burners’ which even after years have a large, faithful and often highly active fan base,” explains Clemens Schneidhofer, PR Coordinator JoWooD Entertainment. “This kind of extensive maintenance we’re performing on older titles re-invigorates the brand, offers our faithful players interesting new stuff to play with – and who knows, maybe this patch could be seen as a hint that we might be planning a sequel to our proven and tested “The Guild” brand?”

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Informations complémentaires

Titre : The Guild 2

Editeur : JoWooD Entertainment

Studio : 4 HEAD Studios

Plateformes : PC

Date de sortie : 2006-10-20

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Notes et références

This patch is compatible with all versions of “The Guild 2”, including “The Guild 2 Gold Edition”; “The Guild 2 Universe Edition”, “The Guild 2 Royal Edition” and the “Pirates of the Hanse” expansion.

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