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Fox Digital Entertainment and Chillingo annonce the highly anticipated 1.3 update to Pedators

iPhone, iPodT, iPad [ Chillingo - Angry Mob Games ]

Unique Environments, Fierce New Predators, iOS4 Features and Game Center Intensifies the Hunt


The brutal Berserker Predators are waiting to challenge you and the Razor Whip provides leverage against your fiercest enemies.

‘PREDATORS™’ just received an exciting (1.3) game update! Defend yourself against three powerful Berserker Predators, each determined to destroy your clan. Fend off the dangerous Tracker Predator with his ferocious dogs, the Falconer Predator and his vicious hawks, and then face off against the ultimate nemesis – the Super Black Predator. Defeat these brutal enemies with a brand new weapon, the Razor Whip – which makes it a breeze to entangle, lacerate and slice your enemies.

‘PREDATORS’ innovative, challenging and intense narrative driven game play is now fully integrated with Game Center and features iOS4 features including Retina Display and HD graphics for the ultimate gaming experience.

PREDATORS LITE is available NOW for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad!


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Titre : Predators

Editeur : Chillingo

Studio : Angry Mob Games

Plateformes : iPhone, iPodT, iPad

Date de sortie : 2010-08-06

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